Big Beaver Creek Golf Club

Big Beaver Creek Golf Club


Course Overview

Hole by Hole advice and tips

1 par 3- Being under the flag with your tee shot is a must. If you miss left bogie or worse is waiting.

2 par 4- A long up hill par 4 that leaves little room to miss. A good tee ball is required if you want a good approach in to this long kidney shaped green. Par is a great score.

3 par 4- A short par 4 that is a chance to make birdie. Tee ball will feed left and this green slopes back to front. An iron off then tee may be your best chance to have a full shot on the 2nd one.

4 par 5- You can reach the green in 2 if you can hit it down the middle. 3 good shots can get you a good look at birdie.

5 par 3- Not much room for error make sure to locate which tier of the green the hole is on. Short is your only miss.

6 par 4- Sharp dog leg right if you can hit a cut from the tee you can reach the upper tier or the green. Layup with a short iron and make sure to take plenty of club on your second shot on this up hill approach. Stay below the hole the green is hard to putt if you are above it

7 par 4- Tee ball will feed right. Almost all putts go to the clubhouse on this green.

8 par 5- long mostly up hill Can not miss the green to the right or your ball may be gone. Good chance at birdie.

9 par 4 - Long hitters can drive the pond but make sure to hit it straight only the fairway to land it on. If you lay up try to get as close to pond as possible. Fairway slopes towards the pond and right to left making approach shots difficult to hit if you are back very far from the pond. Par is a great score. 

10 par 5- Hit it in the fairway if you want to have a chance to hit the green in two. Tee ball to the right side of fairway gives you your best chance to make the green. There is a large valley from end of fairway to the green be sure not to leave a shot on then down slope it is an impossible chip to get close. This is a definite birdie hole make sure to take advantage.

11 par 4- Risk reward hole, cut the corner if you dare. If you are able you can have a short shot into this green that slopes left to right.

12 par 3- This is the beginning of 4 very tough holes, make it thru and you will have accomplished something. Make sure you are below the flag if you want to score well.  Par is a great score here. 3 putt is very possible if you are not careful.

13 par 5- If you can hit 3 good shots and stay under the flag to putt you have a chance. Hug the tree line to the right along the creek off the tee if you want to get home in 2. A large sycamore tree guards the fairway to the left and catches many 2nd shots as you approach.

14 par 4- The hardest hole on the course requires a good tee ball carried over the pond. Anything 160 and in is a great tee shot. Make a par here and you have done something.

15 par 3- A tough par 3 to birdie. Hour glass shaped green that you can not miss to the right or you will make bogie or worse. Par is a great score.

16 par 4- A shorter par 4 with a narrow, hard to putt green, and a fairway that has a pond along the right. Hit your tee ball in the fairway if you want a chance to stop your 2nd shot on this green. This green is narrow and hard to get the ball close as it slopes left to right and away from you.

17 par 4- A long tough par 4 with trees guarding the right. If you can drive over them you have a chance at birdie. Make sure your 2nd shot is under the flag or you will pay with a bogie or more. Par is a very nice score.

18 par 3- Down hill par 3 with a tough left to right sloping green. Not much margin for error on the tee shot and try to keep the tee shot to the right of the flag.